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Rudy Ramos

День рождения:



Road Dogz (2002)
as Canto
Sam Churchill: Search for a Homeless Man (1999)
as Juan Ochoa
Blindsided (1993)
as Jessy Aruna
To Protect and Serve (1992)
as Aguilar
Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure (1989)
as Policial Manny Beltran
Colors (1988)
as Melindez
Open House (1987)
as Rudy Estevez
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
as Ignacio
Quicksilver (1986)
as Gypsy
Defiance (1980)
as Angel Cruz
The Driver (1978)
as Teeth
The Enforcer (1976)
as Mendez
Helter Skelter (1976)
as Danny DeCarlo