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Philip Tonge




Mission of Danger (1960)
as General Amherst
Invisible Invaders (1959)
as Dr. Adam Penner
Frontier Rangers (1959)
as General Amherst
Macabre (1958)
as Jode Wetherby
Witness for the Prosecution (1957)
as Inspector Hearne
Les Girls (1957)
as Associate Judge
The Peacemaker (1956)
as Elijah Maddox
Desert Sands (1955)
as Cpl. McTavish
The Prodigal (1955)
as Barber-Surgeon
The Silver Chalice (1954)
as Ohad
Track of the Cat (1954)
as Pa Bridges
Ricochet Romance (1954)
as Mr. Webster
Elephant Walk (1954)
as Planter John Ralph
Scandal at Scourie (1953)
as Fred Gogarty
Hans Christian Andersen (1952)
as Otto
Love from a Stranger (1947)
as Dr. Gribble
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
as Mr. Shellhammer