Kijk GoodFellas

Three Decades of Life in the Mafia.

Kijk GoodFellas

GoodFellas (1990)


Henry Hill wil al van jongs af aan bij de maffia. Gangster Jimmy 'The Gent' Conway staat in hoog aanzien bij zijn misdaadcollega's. Hij neemt de jonge Henry onder zijn hoede en leert hem alle fijne kneepjes van het gangstervak.

Regiseur: Martin Scorsese
Schrijvers: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese.


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GoodFellas Review

Torsten Schmitt Germany

I love this movie and I am just now watching them again.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

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Ray Liotta - GoodFellas Ray Liotta
as Henry Hill
Robert De Niro - GoodFellas Robert De Niro
as James Conway
Joe Pesci - GoodFellas Joe Pesci
as Tommy DeVito
Lorraine Bracco - GoodFellas Lorraine Bracco
as Karen Hill
Paul Sorvino - GoodFellas Paul Sorvino
as Paul Cicero
Frank Sivero - GoodFellas Frank Sivero
as Frankie Carbone
Tony Darrow - GoodFellas Tony Darrow
as Sonny Bunz
Mike Starr - GoodFellas Mike Starr
as Frenchy
Frank Vincent - GoodFellas Frank Vincent
as Billy Batts
Chuck Low - GoodFellas Chuck Low
as Morris Kessler
Frank DiLeo - GoodFellas Frank DiLeo
as Tuddy Cicero
Henny Youngman - GoodFellas Henny Youngman
as Himself
Gina Mastrogiacomo - GoodFellas Gina Mastrogiacomo
as Janice Rossi
Catherine Scorsese - GoodFellas Catherine Scorsese
as Tommy's Mother
Charles Scorsese - GoodFellas Charles Scorsese
as Vinnie
Suzanne Shepherd - GoodFellas Suzanne Shepherd
as Karen's Mother
Debi Mazar - GoodFellas Debi Mazar
as Sandy
Margo Winkler - GoodFellas Margo Winkler
as Belle Kessler
Welker White - GoodFellas Welker White
as Lois Byrd
Jerry Vale - GoodFellas Jerry Vale
as Himself
Julie Garfield - GoodFellas Julie Garfield
as Mickey Conway
Christopher Serrone - GoodFellas Christopher Serrone
as Young Henry
Elaine Kagan - GoodFellas Elaine Kagan
as Henry's Mother
Beau Starr - GoodFellas Beau Starr
as Henry's Father
Kevin Corrigan - GoodFellas Kevin Corrigan
as Michael Hill
Michael Imperioli - GoodFellas Michael Imperioli
as Spider
Robbie Vinton - GoodFellas Robbie Vinton
as Bobby Vinton
Johnny Williams - GoodFellas Johnny Williams
as Johnny Roastbeef
Daniel P. Conte - GoodFellas Daniel P. Conte
as Dr. Dan
Tony Conforti - GoodFellas Tony Conforti
as Tony
Frank Pellegrino - GoodFellas Frank Pellegrino
as Johnny Dio
Ronald Maccone - GoodFellas Ronald Maccone
as Ronnie
Tony Sirico - GoodFellas Tony Sirico
as Tony Stacks
Joseph D'Onofrio - GoodFellas Joseph D'Onofrio
as Young Tommy
Steve Forleo - GoodFellas Steve Forleo
as City Detective #1
Richard Dioguardi - GoodFellas Richard Dioguardi
as City Detective #2
Frank Adonis - GoodFellas Frank Adonis
as Anthony Stabile
John Manca - GoodFellas John Manca
as Nickey Eyes
Joseph Bono - GoodFellas Joseph Bono
as Mikey Franzese
Katherine Wallach - GoodFellas Katherine Wallach
as Diane
Mark Evan Jacobs - GoodFellas Mark Evan Jacobs
as Bruce
Angela Pietropinto - GoodFellas Angela Pietropinto
as Cicero's Wife
Marianne Leone Cooper - GoodFellas Marianne Leone Cooper
as Tuddy's Wife
Marie Michaels - GoodFellas Marie Michaels
as Mrs. Carbone
LoNardo - GoodFellas LoNardo
as Frenchy's Wife
Melissa Prophet - GoodFellas Melissa Prophet
as Angie
Illeana Douglas - GoodFellas Illeana Douglas
as Rosie
Susan Varon - GoodFellas Susan Varon
as Susan
Elizabeth Whitcraft - GoodFellas Elizabeth Whitcraft
as Tommy's Girlfriend
Clem Caserta - GoodFellas Clem Caserta
as Joe Buddha
Samuel L. Jackson - GoodFellas Samuel L. Jackson
as Stacks Edwards
Fran McGee - GoodFellas Fran McGee
as Johnny Roastbeef's Wife
Paul Herman - GoodFellas Paul Herman
as Dealer
Edward McDonald - GoodFellas Edward McDonald
as Edward McDonald
Edward Hayes - GoodFellas Edward Hayes
as Defense Attorney
Daniela Barbosa - GoodFellas Daniela Barbosa
as Young Henry's Sister #1
Gina Mattia - GoodFellas Gina Mattia
as Young Henry's Sister #2
Joel Calendrillo - GoodFellas Joel Calendrillo
as Young Henry's Older Brother
Anthony Valentin - GoodFellas Anthony Valentin
as Young Michael
Edward D. Murphy - GoodFellas Edward D. Murphy
as Liquor Cop #1
Michael Citriniti - GoodFellas Michael Citriniti
as Liquor Cop #2
Peter Hock - GoodFellas Peter Hock
as Mailman
Erasmus C. Alfano - GoodFellas Erasmus C. Alfano
as Barbeque Wiseguy
John Di Benedetto - GoodFellas John Di Benedetto
as Bleeding Man
Manny Alfaro - GoodFellas Manny Alfaro
as Gambling Doorman
Thomas Lowry - GoodFellas Thomas Lowry
as Hijacked Driver
Margaret Smith - GoodFellas Margaret Smith
as School Guard
Richard Mullally - GoodFellas Richard Mullally
as Cop #1
Frank Albanese - GoodFellas Frank Albanese
as Mob Lawyer
Paul McIsaac - GoodFellas Paul McIsaac
as Judge - 1956
Bob Golub - GoodFellas Bob Golub
as Truck Driver at Diner
Louis Eppolito - GoodFellas Louis Eppolito
as Fat Andy
Tony Lip - GoodFellas Tony Lip
as Frankie The Wop
Mikey Black - GoodFellas Mikey Black
as Freddy No Nose
Peter Cicale - GoodFellas Peter Cicale
as Pete The Killer
Anthony Powers - GoodFellas Anthony Powers
as Jimmy Two Times
Vincent Pastore - GoodFellas Vincent Pastore
as Man with Coatrack
Anthony Alessandro - GoodFellas Anthony Alessandro
as Henry's 60's crew
Victor Colicchio - GoodFellas Victor Colicchio
as Henry's 60's crew
Mike Contessa - GoodFellas Mike Contessa
as Cicero 60's Crew
Philip Suriano - GoodFellas Philip Suriano
as Cicero's 60's crew
Paul Mougey - GoodFellas Paul Mougey
as Terrorized Waiter
Norman Barbera - GoodFellas Norman Barbera
as Bouncer
Anthony Polemeni - GoodFellas Anthony Polemeni
as Copa Captain
James Quattrochi - GoodFellas James Quattrochi
as Henry Greeter #1
Lawrence Sacco - GoodFellas Lawrence Sacco
as Henry Greeter #2
Dino Laudicina - GoodFellas Dino Laudicina
as Henry Greeter #3
Thomas E. Camuti - GoodFellas Thomas E. Camuti
as Mr. Tony Hood #1
Andrew Scudiero - GoodFellas Andrew Scudiero
as Mr. Tony Hood #2
Irving Welzer - GoodFellas Irving Welzer
as Copa Announcer
Jesse Kirtzman - GoodFellas Jesse Kirtzman
as Beach Club Waiter
Russell Halley - GoodFellas Russell Halley
as Bruce's Brother #1
Spencer Bradley - GoodFellas Spencer Bradley
as Bruce's Brother #2
Bob Altman - GoodFellas Bob Altman
as Karen's Dad
Joanna Bennett - GoodFellas Joanna Bennett
as Marie #1
Gayle Lewis - GoodFellas Gayle Lewis
as Marie #2
Gaetano Lisi - GoodFellas Gaetano Lisi
as Paul #3
Luke Walter - GoodFellas Luke Walter
as Truck Driver
Ed Deacy - GoodFellas Ed Deacy
as Detective Deacy
Larry Silvestri - GoodFellas Larry Silvestri
as Detective Silvestri
John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia - GoodFellas John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia
as Batts' Crew #1
Vito Picone - GoodFellas Vito Picone
as Vito
Janis Corsair - GoodFellas Janis Corsair
as Vito's Girlfriend
Lisa Dapolito - GoodFellas Lisa Dapolito
as Lisa
Frank Aquilino - GoodFellas Frank Aquilino
as Batt's Crew #2
Michael Calandrino - GoodFellas Michael Calandrino
as Godfather at Table
Vito Antuofermo - GoodFellas Vito Antuofermo
as Prizefighter
Vincent Gallo - GoodFellas Vincent Gallo
as Henry's 70's Crew
Gaetano LoGiudice - GoodFellas Gaetano LoGiudice
as Henry's 70's Crew
Garry Pastore - GoodFellas Garry Pastore
as Henry's 70's Crew
Nicole Burdette - GoodFellas Nicole Burdette
as Carbone's Girlfriend
Stella Keitel - GoodFellas Stella Keitel
as Henry's Older Child - Judy
Dominique DeVito - GoodFellas Dominique DeVito
as Henry's Baby - Ruth
Michaelangelo Graziano - GoodFellas Michaelangelo Graziano
as Bar Patron
Paula Kcira - GoodFellas Paula Kcira
as Janice's Girlfriend #1
Nadine Kay - GoodFellas Nadine Kay
as Janoce's Girlfriend #2
Tony Ellis - GoodFellas Tony Ellis
as Bridal Shop Owner
Peter Onorati - GoodFellas Peter Onorati
as Florida Bookie
Jamie De Roy - GoodFellas Jamie De Roy
as Bookie's Sister
Joel Blake - GoodFellas Joel Blake
as Judge - 1971
H. Clay Dear - GoodFellas H. Clay Dear
as Security Guard with Lobsters
Thomas Hewson - GoodFellas Thomas Hewson
as Drug Buyer
Gene Canfield - GoodFellas Gene Canfield
as Prison Guard in Booth
Margaux Guerard - GoodFellas Margaux Guerard
as Judy Hill at 10 Years
Violet Gaynor - GoodFellas Violet Gaynor
as Ruth Hill at 8 Years
Tobin Bell - GoodFellas Tobin Bell
as Parole Officer
Berlinda Tolbert - GoodFellas Berlinda Tolbert
as Stacks' Girlfriend
Nancy Cassaro - GoodFellas Nancy Cassaro
as Joe Buddha's Wife
Adam Wandt - GoodFellas Adam Wandt
as Kid
Joe Gioco - GoodFellas Joe Gioco
as Garbage Man
Isiah Whitlock Jr. - GoodFellas Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Doctor
Alyson Jones - GoodFellas Alyson Jones
as Judy Hill at 13 Years
Ruby Gaynor - GoodFellas Ruby Gaynor
as Ruth Hill at 11 Years
Bo Dietl - GoodFellas Bo Dietl
as Arresting Narc
Frank Cassini - GoodFellas Frank Cassini
as 50's Wiseguy (uncredited)
Anthony Caso - GoodFellas Anthony Caso
as Truck Hijacker (uncredited)
Lisa Bostnar - GoodFellas Lisa Bostnar
as Nickey Eyes' Girlfriend (uncredited)


Directing Martin Scorsese Director
Writing Nicholas Pileggi Screenplay
Writing Martin Scorsese Screenplay
Production Irwin Winkler Producer
Production Barbara De Fina Executive Producer
Camera Michael Ballhaus Director of Photography
Editing Thelma Schoonmaker Editor
Production Ellen Lewis Casting
Art Kristi Zea Production Design
Art Maher Ahmad Art Direction
Art Leslie Bloom Set Decoration
Costume & Make-Up Richard Bruno Costume Design
Art Saul Bass Title Designer
Art Robert Griffon Jr. Property Master
Costume & Make-Up Ilona Herman Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Alan D'Angerio Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up William A. Farley Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Carl Fullerton Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Allen Weisinger Makeup Artist
Art Louis Sanchez Construction Coordinator
Sound Skip Lievsay Supervising Sound Editor
Crew Connie Brink Special Effects
Crew Michael Russo Stunt Coordinator
Camera David M. Dunlap Camera Operator
Camera Larry McConkey Steadicam Operator
Camera Barry Wetcher Still Photographer
Editing David Leonard First Assistant Editor
Sound Christopher Brooks Music Editor
Directing Sheila Paige Script Supervisor
Crew Marion Billings Unit Publicist
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Costume & Make-Up Ilona Herman Makeup Artist
Art Bruce Swanson Set Dresser
Editing Kent Blocher Assistant Editor
Sound James Sabat Production Sound Mixer
Sound Louis Sabat Boom Operator
Sound Tom Fleischman Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Writing Nicholas Pileggi Book
Directing Vebe Borge Second Assistant Director
Sound Frank Kern Foley Editor
Sound Bruce Pross Foley Editor
Lighting Jerry DeBlau Chief Lighting Technician
Production Bruce S. Pustin Associate Producer
Production Bruce S. Pustin Unit Production Manager
Directing Joseph P. Reidy First Assistant Director
Art Elaine Bass Title Designer
Editing James Y. Kwei Editor
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Camera Florian Ballhaus First Assistant Camera
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Production Alesandra M. Cuomo Production Office Coordinator
Production Todd Arnow Production Accountant
Crew Bill Curry Jr. Transportation Captain
Crew Robert Leddy Transportation Co-Captain
Production Laura Rosenthal Casting Assistant
Sound Marissa Littlefield Dialogue Editor
Sound Frank Graziadei Sound Recordist
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Sound Philip Stockton Supervising Dialogue Editor
Sound Fred Rosenberg Dialogue Editor
Sound Jeffrey Stern Dialogue Editor