უყურე Stoker

უყურე Stoker

Stoker (2013)


დირექტორი: Park Chan-wook


ნაკადი Stoker ფილმები ონლაინ უფასო უყურე

ფილმები Stoker უყუროთ ონლაინ, უყურე Stoker უფასო ფილმები, ფილმები Stoker უყუროთ უფასო, Stoker უყუროთ ფილმებს ონლაინ

ფილმები ონლაინ უყურე და უფასო ჩამოტვირთვა

ფილმები Stoker უყუროთ უფასოდ, უყურე Stoker ნაკადი ამჟამად, ფილმები Stoker, ფილმები Stoker უყუროთ ონლაინ, გიყურებთ Stoker ფილმები

Stoker Review

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

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Mia Wasikowska - Stoker Mia Wasikowska
as India Stoker
Nicole Kidman - Stoker Nicole Kidman
as Evelyn 'Evie' Stoker
Matthew Goode - Stoker Matthew Goode
as Charlie Stoker
Dermot Mulroney - Stoker Dermot Mulroney
as Richard Stoker
Jacki Weaver - Stoker Jacki Weaver
as Aunt Gwendolyn 'Gin' Stoker
Lucas Till - Stoker Lucas Till
as Chris Pitts
Alden Ehrenreich - Stoker Alden Ehrenreich
as Whip Taylor
Phyllis Somerville - Stoker Phyllis Somerville
as Mrs. McGarrick
Ralph Brown - Stoker Ralph Brown
as Sheriff Howard
Judith Godrèche - Stoker Judith Godrèche
as Doctor Jacquin
David Alford - Stoker David Alford
as Reverend
Harmony Korine - Stoker Harmony Korine
as Mr. Feldman
Peg Allen - Stoker Peg Allen
as Housekeeper
Lauren E. Roman - Stoker Lauren E. Roman
as Housekeeper
Thomas A. Covert - Stoker Thomas A. Covert
as Young Charles Stoker
Dominick 'Dino' Howard - Stoker Dominick 'Dino' Howard
as Pitts' Friend
Tyler von Tagen - Stoker Tyler von Tagen
as Young Richard Stoker
Jaxon Johnson - Stoker Jaxon Johnson
as Jonathan Stoker
Paxton Johnson - Stoker Paxton Johnson
as Jonathan Stoker
Tom Carpenter - Stoker Tom Carpenter
as Mourner (uncredited)


Directing Park Chan-wook Director
Writing Wentworth Miller Writer
Camera Chung Chung-hoon Director of Photography
Production Michael Costigan Producer
Production Ridley Scott Producer
Production Tony Scott Producer
Production Steven M. Rales Executive Producer
Production Mark Roybal Executive Producer
Sound Clint Mansell Original Music Composer
Editing Nicolas De Toth Editor
Art Thérèse DePrez Production Design
Art Wing Lee Art Direction
Crew Erin Cressida Wilson Additional Writing
Costume & Make-Up Kurt and Bart Costume Design